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CAGD Information


Central Arizona Golf District (CAGD) is a non-profit “mega league” in the Greater Phoenix and Central Arizona area and has more than 1,300 members. They:

  • Organize 5–6 tournaments per year so players from all the many Central Arizona Ladies clubs can compete and have fun. The tournaments are held at premier public and private courses and are followed by prizes and luncheon after the round. The tournaments are a two-person net best ball format. This year’s schedule is posted on the wall in the Ladies Lounge.
  • Organize 5 Blind Draw events, which are held by local leagues at their own clubs one day a month during Blind Draw months and pay cash prizes to winners of randomly selected pairings from across our entire membership.
  • Donate a substantial portion of membership fees to local charities that help support and promote golf to youth.

CAGD conducts five blind draws. The months for the blind draws are determined by CAGD and usually are January, February, March, April and November. These dates will appear on our Golf Calendar.

Ladies who wish to participate pay $8 when renewing their memberships each year. The ladies who have joined will pay $1 on each of the designated play dates if they wish to play. CAGD will conduct a blind draw and notify PVLGA of the winners. CAGD sends a check to the Pro Shop for the winners which will be deposited into their chit accounts.

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State Medallion Information

The AGA Medallion Tournament is automatically open to all PVLGA ladies and consists of four consecutive play dates usually January through April. These dates will appear on our Golf Calendar.

2023 State Medallion Qualifier Results